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José M. Álvarez-Monzoncillo (Ph.D., Complutense University of Madrid) is a full-time professor of Audiovisual Communications at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. He is currently the Course Director of a master’s degree in Television Journalism (URJC-RTVE) and Director of the INFOCENT research group.

His research and teaching interests include international media strategies, media branding and media industries/cultural industries.

He has worked for a range of national and international organisations, including the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Fundesco, BIPE Conseil, Européen Observatoire Audiovisuel, Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce (AECE), European Network for Communication & Information Perspectives, Mediaset, GECA, Advisors AB, EGEDA, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Instituto Italiano per l'Industry Culturale, L´Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazione, MEDIASET, NETFLIX, etc. He has worked alongside several international consultants for various national and international clients and has participated in numerous courses at several business schools.

Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee, International Media Management Association.

He has been  visiting scholar in Columbia University, University of Westminster and Jönköping University.

He is the author of ten books published between 1992 and 2023: El futuro del audiovisual en España(1992), La industria cinematográfica en España (1993), Imágenes de pago (1997), Presente y futuro de la televisión digital (1999), El futuro del ocio en el hogar (2004), Alternativas de Política Cultural(2007), La televisión etiquetada: nuevas audiencias, nuevos negocios (2011), Watching the Internet: The Future of TV (2011), Millennials, la generación emprendedora (2017) and  The Dynamics of Influencer Marketing: A Multidisciplinary Approach (2022).


He is also the co-author of 40 books, over 42 articles published in scientific journals and around 141 papers on topics related to the economics of media, cultural industries and innovation technology.

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